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        Congratulations on the complete success of Heilongjiang Maworde 2021 Nanjing?China Intestinal Conference
        From May 28th to 30th, 2021, the China Intestine Conference was held at Nanjing International Exhibition Center on the bank of Xuanwu Lake. All the sales team members from Heilongjiang Maworde Industry and Trade Ltd. have successfully participated in the conference.


        During the conference, as a professional team in the field of hypoxia/anaerobic control, Heilongjiang Maworde has displayed heavyweight star products such as hypoxia/anaerobic workstations, customized small three-gas boxes and anaerobic incubators.
        We have been committed to customer needs first, and customized hypoxia/anaerobic related equipment for customer needs. At this conference, we had in-depth exchanges with customers in the intestinal research field, and detailed communication with customers in the field of intestinal research on product and technology applications.

        And successfully delivered a speech about the importance of our products for intestinal research, and the products are well received by consumers.