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        Touring academic lecture in western China
        From April 11th to 18th, Ms. Yuan, General Manager of Beijing Longfujia and Samir Patel,Global Sales Director of Baker Ruskinn(One of the founders of Ruskinn), respectively, made a theme touring lecture in Urumqi, Xinjiang province;Xining, Qinghai province;Lanzhou, Gansu province: Physiological Oxygen Cell Culture - a growing trend in tissue and cell culture
        Attracted a large number of researchers and scholars from western universities, research institutes and affiliated hospitals,and together we discussed the importance of hypoxia in cell culture. Everyone was very enthusiastic and affirmed and praised Ruskinn and Longfujia's series of environmentally(hypoxic/anaerobic) controlled products. We hope that our products can do a big difference in the cell/animal/microorganism research.